Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kids Helping Kids

 End Child Trafficking - Stand Up for the Children

In February of 2007  ten year-old Tyler Page got inspired while watching an episode of Oprah where he learned that children, just like himself, were being sold by their own parents into child slave labor. Picturing himself in their shoes was all it took for him to leap into action.

This was the beginning of Kids Helping Kids, a unique leadership academy with a belief in encouraging each of us to "pay it forward" to make a difference in the world.

I will be working with Kids Helping Kids and joining their Mission Team as they journey to Ghana, West Africa next February to build a center of hope for the trafficked children.
Yes, I'm going to Africa!!
Stay tuned for details and information on how you can help support this effort. In the meantime check out this video of Tyler and stop by the website for more info.


Roberta said...

Wow that gave me goosebumps ;) Can't wait to hear all the details on your trip...woo hoo! You go girl!!!

devon said...

Remember my idea about having the girls pick out clothing one by one and a make over? Well I think I may be able to incorporate that with this mission. I can still collect for Little Dresses and also help the boys. I think it's perfect! I'll post all the details as I move thru the journey. Thanks for the comment