Monday, February 21, 2011

Little Dresses for Africa - Presidents Day Updates

Today I’m posting some photos from my friend and colleague, Colleen. She is the person responsible for my involvement in the LDFA project and she has been a tremendous supporter. Last night she sent me pictures of her 1st 3 dresses.

What is so interesting about the dresses, is that Colleen had NO sewing machine when the project started. She has one now though! It just arrived on Thursday and she has been churning out dresses ever since.

Now "I’m not sayin" she bought the machine just so she could help us make our little dresses (but I suspect that may have been a teeny bit of the reason). No matter what her reason, she worked through the holiday weekend making the dresses for the girls.
I want to send a big  
Thank You 
her way. 
She is still sewing, so I will post updates as the new dresses arrive.

Here they are
LATE UPDATE: Colleen adds 3 more to bring the total to 81 

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