Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Dresses for Africa - Pretty Little Dresses all in a Row

 Little Dresses recipient in Mozambique
and then there were twelve...

Roberta has already mailed 12 new dresses to me - but I was pretty excited when I found photos of the actual dresses on her website. The tracking ticket she gave me sets the arrival date for Feb 15th. Way too long for me to wait. I absolutely loved the previous dresses she made for Little Dresses for Africa. 
Roberta and I have never met. She first learned of me and my story when I contacted her for permission to use a couple of prior little dresses pictures on my blog. This was way back at the beginning of the project, when the thought of actually turning out 75 dresses seemed quite daunting. I was a bit surprised but super thrilled when she offered to help me by making 10-12 more dresses for my GB (Guinea Bissau) project.  She didn't have to help me... but she did. She and I have now become "cyber" buddies via our numerous email exchanges during the dress making process.
As promised, she has turned out another fabulous group of dresses. This time for my girls. The interesting thing is that she also purchased the little T shirts to go under the dresses, as well as some socks (she saw a documentary that said their little feet get cold).  That was very thoughtful of her -- but then I went over to her website and saw where she is also giving help to homeless people in her town -- but not just the help we all sometimes offer, by giving up some spare change. She actually knows their names and watches out for them.  She also gives them, what she calls, "bags of hope" (containing food and other little essentials) and then to top it off, she includes a handwritten note to let them know they are not forgotten. Who does this? Not anyone else I know.
This warms my heart and so today, I have to take my hat off to Roberta. 
One woman, 
quietly making a difference. 
That's the way we change the world. 
One person at a time.
Compassion Knows No Boundaries is going to be the banner for my efforts in Africa and Roberta is a perfect example of that.
Thank You Roberta!
Here's a link to her site, you can pop over and check out the beautiful dresses (as I am unable to steal borrow the photos) while there, you can read all about her yourself (and Ting, I was going to send you her link anyway because I saw some interesting Sweetie Pie Pops that reminded me of something you might like to make since you are so into food)

Oh and stay tuned - I promise to post some pictures of her dresses here once I get them

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Roberta said...

ahhh thanks Devon {blushing} I am so happy to have become your friend and look forward to working together even more in the future! Have a wonderful week sweetie pie ;)