Friday, June 10, 2011

Casa Emanuel orphanage needs our help

Guinea Bissau
I have begun to make my plans for the trip to Guinea Bissau, Africa in February (The Journey Home).

I wrote to the director of  Casa Emanuel some months ago to ask if they would provide us with a list of projects that we might help them with.

Those of us who are returning to the homeland next February plan to participate in a volunteer project to help the orphanage and the village.

Today I finally received the list. It was pretty long. I can understand it though, as Guinea Bissau is the 4th poorest country in the world.

Projects on the list ranged from: school supplies, walls, fences, camping equipment, art supplies to requests for doctors, dentists, a mini van and a well for clean water.

I really like the idea of a well because I understand the importance of clean water, on the other hand, I also think it is vitally important to have access to good medical and dental care.

below is one request as it was sent to me today
project for the Clinic

Bring a team of doctors and nurses, perhaps specialized in an area where they will perform check the patients from the village.

a team of dentists that will offer their skills and the team of dentist may be able to go to a village or two where they could help the people

Obviously some of the requests are easier than others and I can't do this alone.
We will have to make some decisions soon.

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