Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Dresses for Africa - Arrive in Michigan

The dresses arrived in Michigan right on time today. I tracked the package right to the doorsteps of Rachel O'Neil. I then emailed to let her know that the box was there. (wanted to make sure our box was held out to be sent to our requested destinations and not combined with the many other dresses to be sent to other locations as needed)

Here is the note I received from Rachel
"I opened the box and the dresses are great.  I was able to repackage them without air into two international large boxes.  There were a very few dresses that did not make it and I'm sorry but there were not enough to pay for a third box, especially since I can't mail them with the postage on line, which is cheaper.  We're on a real tight budget, as you can imagine but all that being said, for the most part they are there and the kids will be delighted.  The pictures are included in each box.  I'll keep you posted when I can get to the post office. "

thanks for all your hard work and perseverance

Take care.  Rachel
Next stop, AFRICA!

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