Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In the FLOW: It Takes a Village

children in Djati
I thought it would be good to update you on some new details about the project for Djati. We've decided to call the project(s) "It Takes a Village". I think that's a pretty fitting name for what we are trying to do. This can't be done by just one person and we can't just sit on the sidelines when there are important things to be done. If we work together we can accomplish amazing things. I truly believe this and I believe in the generosity of people.

Speaking of generosity, I am so pleased to report that we already have a partner to help in our efforts. That partner is FLOW- For the Love of Words. I posted an excellent video the other day. If you haven't had time to watch it yet. Please do.

Here's a little background about them taken from their mission statement:

FLOW was founded in 2004, with the goal of bringing artistic depth to the eyes and ears of those starving for it. The multimedia and apparel brand has materialized into a movement built on change and awareness. FLOW Music and Video showcases some of the most progressive musicians, producers, djs, dancers, visual artists, and original minds currently struggling to be noticed in a culture that has become strikingly oversimplified. FLOW Apparel creates clothing that speaks to the culture, by raising the bar on design, content, and conceptuality lacking in the fashion scene. With all elements of the brand drawing upon each other, FLOW has created an influential force within the hip hop culture and the minds that live it every day.

Since they have already traveled to Guinea Bissau and they know first hand about some of the conditions there. I wrote to ask for their assistance. It didn't take long for their response..."count me in".  I'll post more about their involvement later but suffice it to say, their help will make a BIG difference.

Thank You FLOW!

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