Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Djati Update - Gifts for the village

Besides everything on the project list, our team is working hard to get the village some other items that will certainly help make life a little easier.

I just love getting emails from Maritza. Here is a portion of an email update that I received today.

stamps from Guinea Bissau

I just came from Quebo, I actually went all the way to a village  called CABOXANGUE. The road was absolutely terrible. It is not totally dry and it was hard to get by. We drove near the entrance to Djati but couldn't go in. 

The boys from the village are clearing the road, cutting all of the grass that grew as high as six feet or more and all of the the trees that quickly grew during the winter months. The road will be opened next weekend.  

Spoke with Raquel and Freddy and the idea of the plastic buckets and large plastic containers was good along with getting the men machetes. Freddy has a friend in Guinea Conakry, one country over, and things are not too expensive there, we are going to price everything  to see how much it will cost.

As far as getting a tailor to sew some shorts for the boys, it can be done with a tailor in Quebo it will be less expensive there. Here in Bissau we get '' city'' prices. I will price material and Raquel will price the tailor, Ill let you know.

As far as the two school rooms, the goal will be to have them done by the time your team comes in. It will be a day of inauguration and celebration! 
Freddy spoke about working hard to have the two school rooms finished by the time you arrive. 

Sounds like so much fun.
I will ask Raquel or Freddy's son Lucas to document the progress and the building of the school rooms in order to keep everyone informed.

Tomorrow I will take some pictures of the plastic containers and the machetes at the market.

It will be a great gift for them. In January we can get some candy, lollipops and little things to make small bags with candy that you can give to everyone. All will want a small candy bag (adults and children).

Oh, and If you bring balloons you could add them to the packages...bring a balloon pump, otherwise our lips will fall off :)

I can hardly wait!


Toni said...

I can hardly wait for you to get there! It will be so exciting to see the progress from such a dream wish expressed just this year! Perhaps balloons are not such a good idea? Wouldn't paper banners or even fabric banners be better? If they are going to make the fabric bags, then they can also make some other kinds of festive decorations. I will research for you. :)

devon said...

Maritza said the children LOVE ballooons :) She just wants us to bring a pump. It's for the littel ones to play with.