Monday, January 9, 2012

City girl shops for Africa trip

I knew pretty soon now I would need to shop for my upcoming trip to Africa. This month I also have 2 more shots to get along with my malaria pills this month (Yuck).

On my first trip to REI I bought 3 pairs of pants (they cost as much as a nice pair of slacks at Macy's!!) and some hiking boots (to ward off the snakes) and keep me free of other creepy crawlies.

I'm going to say it right now, I am a city girl. I'm good at packing for places like, Paris. So, this is really different.  I'm trying to keep an optimistic outlook as I think of mosquito nets, water tablets and doing your "business" over a hole in the bush. But, it is what it is and I am determined to adjust.  I know the end result will be worth it.

Yesterday I journeyed back to REI to get some more of the real important items. Unfortunately they didn't have the mosquito net I wanted to get in stock (the one that attaches to something on the ceiling (not sure what) and then you tuck it under your mattress sides. I think you are actually sleeping in a mosquito tent! It won't let the dangerous insects in AND as a bonus and extra duty protection, it has insecticide in the netting.

I got a little light that goes around your head (reminds me of a miner's head light). You can dim the light and brighten it as needed (this will allow ample light to read by, without blinding you).

I am planning on not drinking ANY water unless it's bottled, but just in case, I got the water cleaning tablets (I can imagine how the water will taste after adding the tablet so it will have to be an EXTREME emergency to make it drink it. Better safe than sorry, so I wilt travel with a box.

I also had to get some special socks for my new hiking boots. They will draw the moisture away. And I bought 3 long sleeve tops made of the same material as the expensive pants I bought previously.

I went to an art store in Berkeley and got a canvas for the painting I want to do of the children's hand prints along with some oil paint and some very nice brushes for Du (the artist).

a few more pencils for the kids
Of course there is more to do, but the bulk is done.....I hope!

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