Sunday, March 4, 2012

It Takes a Village - East - West Celebrations

Last night I had some friends over to share my recent journey to Africa (they were way too anxious to wait for the posts). It also gave me a chance to use my new Apple TV for viewing the pictures, music and slideshows. Great device!

I wore my new African outfit which was made in Senegal and served Chicken Yassa and traditional hibiscus juice. Some of my friends brought, peach cobbler, a pumpkin roll cake and of course wine.

Yum and a good time was had by all.

At the same time I was having my party, our partner, Hasan Salaam was putting on a "concert with a purpose."  He and a group of other hip hop artists performed together in Tribeca NYC to raise funds for "It Takes a Village." Word is, it was highly successful. As soon as I get the rest of the scoop I will post it here (hopefully later today). Thanks to Hasan!!

Here are some of the pictures from my party.

the pictures on the screen are some of the photos I took of the Little Dresses for Africa fashion show with the girls from Casa Emanuel orphanage in Guinea Bissau. I'll post the story and rest of the slideshow tomorrow.

I love my friends! Thanks for all your support!

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