Monday, June 4, 2012

Hasan Salaam interview and "It Takes a Village" collaboration

Here's a very interesting interview that Hasan Salaam did with
I thoroughly enjoyed it and he talks a lot about the project too, which I REALLY like!

Check it out

New Jersey MC Hasan Salaam has featured everywhere from MTV, The Source and the Washington post. Despite the recognition within the shine of the hip hop mainstream media, he dedicates his time to building community and educating the youth. The proceeds from his last album “Music Is My weapon" secured the country of Guinea-Bissau with a brand new school and a new well, and this seems to be just the beginning. In the music world, it can appear at times that charity is more about raising an artist’s profile than the actual cause. This is surely not the case in this instance as the “It Takes a Village” and “Music Is My Weapon” collaboration has already worked miracles in the West African country.
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