Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Access Denied!

 A Day in the Life

It's December 11th and the road to Djati is still closed.

Our team hoped to be in Djati by now, but it was not to be.
We planned to do a check on the well to make sure that it held up through the rains (the well, completed in April, still has some final work to be done - which was planned for after the rainy season) and the medical outreach team needs to go in to provide medical services to the villagers (a perfect example of why Djati needs its own medical clinic).

We will have to be patient a while longer. 

But....If we can't send someone in to see what's going on,
what's the next best thing?

You guessed it. Pictures from our "Day in the Life" project.

Here are some really amazing photos from:
Augusto, Djati, Guinea Bissau Nov 2012, camera #10.

I LOVE this picture
SURPRISE! The picture above is a bridge constructed by the villagers. It is located on the way to Djati and is a bridge we did not know about.  It's about an hour away from the village and built on the spot where "walkers" cross the river to catch the canoe on the other side.  Sometimes the boys will take their chances and swim across, however, probably not a good idea since the river has alligators.

An ant-hill is just a pile of earth, sand, pine needles, or clay. The ants don’t live in the hill, they live underneath it, in an ant colony. A colony is built and maintained by legions of worker ants. 

Related to the ant hills there are also termite mounds. Funny that – in Africa and Australia, termite mounds are called “ant hills” but that’s technically incorrect. Termites are a different order than ants. Termite nests are usually underground, but some are above ground. The above-ground nests can develop into termite mounds. In tropical areas, termite mounds can get quite huge. In Africa some mounds reach 30 feet in height. We saw some REALLY tall mounds in Guinea Bissau!! 

 Thank you Augusto for the great photos!

Help Build a Medical Clinic in Djati, Guinea Bissau

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