Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All I want for Christmas

Maritza sent me the photos below along with the following story.

She met some children and asked this little girl what she was carrying

 She responded "my toys"

Maritza looked inside the pan and
all she saw were old tin cans and old tin can lids

 The children took the "toys" out and began to play

In many parts of Africa, children make homemade toys from wood, straw, animal skins and bone, stones, and found objects. Probably not available at Best Buy.

Toys are not just playthings. They help form the building blocks for our children's futures. They teach children about the world and about themselves. They send messages and communicate values. In the U.S many parents overdue it and buy their children too many toys.  This can have damaging effects on a child.  This year consider buying ONE less toy and instead donate that money to a charitable cause to help less fortunate children. It will make you feel really good, help to teach your children the concept of giving and your child really won't miss that toy (and if they do, they'll get over it!).

Help Build a Medical Clinic in Djati, Guinea Bissau

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