Thursday, March 7, 2013

If WE build it, they will come!

Today I am posting some photos that were sent to Willie. The photos were taken at recent Health Brigades, (led by Raquel in the village of Quebo, Guinea Bissau, W Africa).

With no access to doctors, hospitals or medication, many, many people in Guinea Bissau go for very long periods of time with no treatment. Unfortunately many of their ailments could be successfully treated if the patients were seen earlier and the problems were not allowed to progress to such acute stages.

Warning - the last 2 pictures are graphic. I made them a little smaller but you can click them to enlarge.  Actually, I started not to post them at all, but often times, a picture really is worth a thousand words. The pictures represent the reality of every day life in Guinea Bissau and I wanted you to see first hand just how necessary it is that a medical clinic be built in Djati.

I hope you will help us to help the people of Djati.

This small child is too weak to respond or even react to the medication but it saved her life
child with Malaria
Another child with Malaria. Malaria is the #1 killer of children under the age of 5
this photo is from a Health Brigade at our school in Djati
A child burn victim - way too common
Pellagra - due to deficient diet. All she had to eat was corn. She is staying with a family in Quebo who are helping her to recover by feeding her a more well rounded diet
Cancerous growth  - thanks to diagnosis from Raquel he was sent to the Emanuel Hospital in Bissau and treated by a team of volunteer doctors from Spain & Portugal performed the surgery. Most are not this lucky
This man had an infection in his leg which he contracted in a remote village. As strange as it may seem, he actually recovered and is doing well. The only reason he has recovered is because Willie sent his own money to help buy medication for him. 
Raquel sends her love to our entire team 
with a special message 
" Thank you Willie for blessing us in this way" 
I send a special thank you to Willie as well for his dedication, support and his work on our current project.

If you would like to help us with the building of Medical Clinic in Djati, Guinea Bissau, we are currently raising funds to provide medical supplies and medication. We have raised $1,240 of our $1,500 goal. Every little bit makes a BIG difference! Help take us over the top.


If you are unable to give money, you can assist a great deal by posting this information on your Facebook wall, following this blog and forwarding our information to your friends and contacts! Thank you!

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