Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More than we bargained for - Djati Medical Clinic

Great News!

Our original blueprint for the medical clinic in Djati was for the building of a 2 room clinic. Due to the funds we received we were able to expand the clinic from 2 rooms to 3.

The 1st room will serve as the main clinic and storage area. The 2nd and 3rd rooms will also be used as part of the clinic when needed. When the clinic is not in use they can be used as multi purpose rooms and double as classrooms.

The demand for education is great in the area and since the school was built there have been more children who want to attend. So many, that they have been forced to conduct classes in the old school (the portion that is still in good enough shape to hold classes)

The plan is to also utilize the clinic rooms for the health brigades and eventually staff the clinic with a visiting doctor who will make rounds twice a week to Djati and our other location at the Crossroads. At the present time we have no trained staff for the clinic. If a patient should require in patient care they can be treated at the clinic and held there until they can be transported to another facility in Quebo or Bissau.

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