Friday, September 6, 2013

Through her eyes - Stories of life in Guinea Bissau

Hey everyone

Announcing the first of TWO exciting new additions to the blog!

This summer I was invited to a picnic in the wine country where I met a group of local Bay Area folks that  --  all have ties to the tiny country of Guinea Bissau. One of the ladies in attendance told me that she has a daughter who moved to Guinea Bissau. Shortly there after I stumbled upon a blog, which just happened to have been written by her daughter (Aliesha) - go figure! So of course I reached out to her and we became pals. I've been reading her blog ever since.

Aliesha is a few years out of college and has been living in Guinea Bissau for almost a year. Although she doesn't live in an isolated village like Djati, she has family members who live in a typical African village. She has a job and a life there and I thought you might be interested in experiencing life in Guinea Bissau...through her eyes. So I asked if she would be interested in doing some guest blogging and sharing her experiences on the blog, and she said "yes!"

Poolside with my new buddies
Through her eyes - Begins on Monday September 9th. Come back and meet Aliesha. She'll tell you all about her life and how she ended up in Guinea Bissau!

See you then

(Oh, and did I mention there will be TWO new additions? You'll just have to be patient for addition # TWO)