Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More news IS good news! Updates from Guinea Bissau

Medical Health Brigades

Raquel has been very busy.  She has been doing health brigades in the Fula villages with a visiting Brazilian team. When Raquel returned from Brazil she brought with her a team of seven people. A young girl named Mara, who had lived with Raquel and Fredy for two years (she is almost a doctor) along with the six other volunteers.  Another group will be joining the team in the future (date unknown at this time). 

I am sure that the added team will be a HUGE help and a welcome addition. In many cases the people who are treated during the health brigades are those who have not received medical attention due to lack of finances and/or lack transportation. The health brigade outreach service is truly a blessing! Thank you Raquel and your team!

Guiledje at the Crossroads

2nd School
Building in Guiledje is nowhere near as complicated as building in Djati as Guiledje is situated on a main road. We don't have confirmed information from Fredy on the status of the school and hope to have info and photos soon but we do know that Fredy and his workers have been collecting sand and stones for the school, possibly for the completion of the roof. We shall see. Stand by.

school photo from March 2013

Word has it that we may have a new neighbor near our school in Guiledje. A doctor is said to be building a clinic about two hundred feet from our newest school. His specialty is dentistry and from what Maritza understands, he is excellent. What a wonderful addition. We welcome him to the neighborhood!

Fredy & Raquel Schafer


The Schafer’s  daughter and son both recently married in Brazil. Both couples are finishing up their schooling in Brazil and will return to Guinea Bissau as missionaries (the apple does not fall too far from the tree)

Congratulations to both couples!

The Schafer's youngest son Lucas, will not return to Guinea Bissau. He will remain in Brazil to study electronics. No more hunting and night hopping for Jabali (wild boar) or monkey. New challenges and adventures await him and what stories he will have to tell! 

We thank him for all of his help with our projects. He will be missed but we wish him the best!  

Upcoming Travels to Guinea Bissau
me, Randii and Willie on our maiden journey to Guinea Bissau 2012
Maritza will accompany Willie & my new friend, Verdette on a visit to Djati in a few weeks.   Randii and I will not be going to Guinea Bissau this time, but we will be there in spirit. 

Our project partner, Connie from Life Link will also be making a trip.  Her Facebook page says she is packing now as she leaves today.  Although she wanted to make the trip to Djati it doesn’t appear that it is possible. She will, however, participate in a medical outreach with Juan on Feb14-16. Safe travels! 

That's all I have for now. I'll be back to you when I have more.

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