Friday, May 9, 2014

Another project comes to a close!

Project Keep Maritza Mobile – In the can! 

And a wrap on another successful project! 

Friends of Guinea Bissau and It Takes a Village teamed up to purchase a vehicle for Maritza our missionary, go between, translator, photographer and glue that holds all of our project together. We knew that it was imperative that she get a newer vehicle to replace the 30yr model she was currently driving (or when it would let her drive it) Much too often she was spending time on the side of the road with a broken down vehicle. Not such a good idea on the roads of Guinea Bissau.

So we put together this project: the plan was to raise $3,300 a month for 3 months and reach a total of $10,000. I am very pleased to announce that a mere 66 days later we raised a total of almost $13,000.

Meanwhile we sent Maritza off in search of her dream vehicle (a real dream compared to the nightmare she currently owns) She went looking all over, even into the country of The Gambia.

Yesterday morning we received word that she has located and made a deal on the vehicle!

It’s a 2008 something.... Anyway here’s the van and here’s her message.

This is an internet picture of what the Toyota hiace that I found yesterday looks like. we made a deal ! it is a 2008 car ! not bad compared to my 30 YEAR old car this is brand new. it has no seats, don't panic we will add seats and is AFRICA WE CAN MAKE AND CREATE ANYTHING HERE. TO ALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO ARE MAKING THIS DREAM COME TRUE...THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART...THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR COLLECTING THE FINANCES TO MAKE THIS DREAM COME TRUE...MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS ALL OF YOU. What is next..have to pay for it...I already contacted our friends in the states to see how the money will get here asap....cant wait...feel like a kid who just received a new toy...shalom, and thank you again. 
este es una foto del internet del toyota hiace que ayer encontre, hicimos un trato, es del 2008 , buenisimo en comparacion con mi carro que tiene 30 anos. este carro es nuevo. no tiene asientos, o ventanas , pero esto es africa AQUI PODEMOS CREAR Y RECONSTRUIR CUALQUIER COSA. A TODOS MIS AMIGOS Y FAMILIA QUE HAN HECHO ESTE SUENO POSSIBLE, MUCHAS GRACIAS DE LO PROFUNDO DE MI CORAZON,GRACIAS POR RECOGER LAS FINANZAS PARA QUE ESTE SUENO SE CONVIRTIERA EN REALIDAD, QUE EL SENOR LES BENDIGA A ABUNDANTEMENTE, QUE SIGUE AHORA ES PAGARLO, ya contacte a nuestros amigos en los estados para ver como el dinero puede ser mandado lo mas pronto possible...casi no puedo esperar, estoy como un chico con un juguete nuevo, shalom ! y muchas gracias , de nuevo. 
We are very happy for Maritza and we look forward the photos once the deal has been completed.

Thanks again to all of our supporters! We couldn't do it without YOU!

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