Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy endings in Guinea Bissau

And our next project is....

It's a boy

and a boy

and...another boy!

1-2-3 boys



What a miracle and a blessing this is. Triplets born in village of Quebo, Guinea Bissau, West Africa

I don't have any more details except that the boys, Ismael, Mamede and John are doing well.

Congrats to the parents!! 

 Proud parents

This story has a happy ending but brings me to a very important point, which is regarding the urgent need for quality medical services in the villages of Guinea Bissau, most of which have NO access to medical care.

 A NEW project

Currently the hospital in Quebo has a skeleton crew (a few nurses and midwives) who are generally absent. Medicine is scarce and medical care is not readily available. The hospital staff are employees of the government and like the school situation when workers are not paid they do not show up for work.

Raquel, our project nurse in Quebo has expressed a desire to own her own medical clinic in Quebo to continue helping those in need.  She currently runs a tiny clinic now where she rents from a man in Portugal.  She has been unsuccessful in getting him to sell her the clinic.

Raquel's clinic reaches out to the villagers. She works with Dr Umaro a known Guinean doctor who at one time was director of the hospital in Quebo. He graduated from a medical school in Europe, and he and Raquel have worked together for many years.  The villagers love them both!

Raquel is non salaried and services are administered for one dollar and free if the patient has no ability to pay.

Let's continue to make a difference in Guinea Bissau. Let's build a new clinic for Raquel and Dr Umaro!! One where they would be in charge of the daily running of the clinic and one big enough and with enough space to meet the needs of the villagers.

We'll discuss this more in the fall. And don't worry if you don't remember all the details I gave you today. I'll remind you!

Stand by!
Let's make more HAPPY ENDINGS!

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