Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Graduation Day at Liceu Comunitario Emanuel Guinea Bissau, West Africa pt2

Graduation day was such an important day that I had to do a part 2.

More from Maritza....

I will do a follow up with the students who graduated in see how we can get them to graduate from college -- it would be a dream!

On graduation day, the graduates, wanted a school hymn, one of them who is musically talented composed a wonderful school song, it is beautiful.

Another wanted us to make a flag out of the Casa Emanuel emblem, we did.

The kids went to a tailor and he made them all those beautiful black suits.

One of the girls that graduated, Isaria, is a dancer, she dances with Netos do Bandim, the dance group you saw the day you arrived.  She trained our girls and they performed beautiful ethnic dances.  Another artist from the Netos do Bandim, trained the boys.

The regional director of education was present and he made a comment as to how well and how organized things were, he also wanted us to know how we did it. The school is among the best in Guine (grant you we are broke) but educationally it is one of the best.

The parents, teachers and administration from Casa Emanuel along with our director at large, Isabel Johanning, were extremely pleased.

I was surprised by the teachers and the director of education and they presented me with a diploma.  Recognizing the school and myself for the educational excellence of the school.

Thank you Maritza for all you do!

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