Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Dresses for Africa - We're over 100 Strong!

Just picked up 8 more dresses. 
They are the dresses made by Karen. 
She, is the innocent bystander, whose curiosity led her to "peek in" 
during the Little Dresses launch party in January. 
We were all working and laughing, 
sewing machines humming 
and scraps of fabric everywhere.
She asked what we were doing
and then....
she volunteered to help us sew. 
I thought that was the coolest thing! 
I bought the fabric, dropped it off to her and away she went. 

Another example of the kindness of friends and perfect strangers! 

WOW, I am so excited!! 
I have been sitting on my sofa just staring in amazement at the  
colorful dresses hanging on the wardrobe rack.

I decided to put the rack up in the living room 
so I could watch as it became more and more crowded 
with these beautiful little dresses! 
I have long since run out of hangers. 
I am hanging them 2 on a hanger now.
And guess what?....we aren't even finished yet! 
There are still more dresses coming in this week.
The photo shoot is going to be awesome!

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