Monday, August 29, 2011

San Francisco African American Historical & Cultural Society - Interview with Al Williams

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Q There are so many transplants to California. Where are you from and where do you live now?

A Born in St. Petersburg FL.  Grew up in Miami.  Attended public schools. Spent my freshman year of college at Morehouse College.  Transferred and graduated from Florida A & M University with a BS in Sociology.

Moved to San Francisco in 1971.  Held management positions with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the County of Alameda, Kaiser and Olympia and York, an international real estate developer.  In 1993 I founded Alfred Williams Consultancy, LLC, a public affairs consulting firm.

Married (25 years) to Manti Henriquez.  My oldest daughter (Dahra) from my first marriage lives in Atlanta with her husband (Tony) and my two gran-daughters (Alexis and Sydney).  Manti and I have two kids.  Our son, Rodrigo, is a senior at Chico State Majoring in Construction Management.  Our daughter, Marisa, is a sophomore at San Jose State where she is majoring in Civil Engineering and on the basketball team.

Q How long have you been with SFAAHCS and how many people are employed there?

A My initial involvement with the Sn Francisco African American Historical & Cultural Society (the Society) began upon my arrival in San Francisco in 1971.  Following a long hiatus I became active in the Society again in 2000.  I am currently President of the Society's Board of Directors. 

Q Are there special events that go on? Please tell us some of the upcoming events or special upcoming projects.

A The Society's current exhibit "African Reflections" includes AAfrican sculptures and paintings interpreting those sculptures by contemporary Bay Area artist.  We are planning our 2012 Black History Month activities - the Kickoff at City Hall, a Gala, lectures and an Exhibit - around the national theme "Black Women in American History and Culture"

Q What is the one thing that people don't know about the organization that you think they should know.

A The Society is membership based and membership is open to all who support the mission.
Q Is this a membership organization? If so how does one join and what benefits would membership bring?

A A membership application can be obtained from our web site at

Q What is your title and role there?

A President of the Board of Directors

Q Is this group specific to SF or do you have counterparts in other states?

A The Society is specific to San Francisco.  There are similar institutions throughout the country.

Q What do you like to do in your spare time?'

A I enjoy relaxing at home by reading, listening to music and/or watching sports, spending time with friends, swimming, and going to the movies. 

Thank you Al

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