Saturday, August 27, 2011

What the Traveler Saw - *NEW* Update Guinea Bisssau

This is a report from Randy Williams who has been delivering goods to the people of Guinea Bissau. He just returned and I wanted to share his recent journey with you.
We have sent a container of donated clothes, shoes and misc. household goods to Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. We also went and assisted with the distribution and took better assesment of the area in which we are sending aid. And we are asking for your help again to send a very much needed follow up container. This container will have much needed "technology" items such as, solar panels, generators, laptop computers, garden tillers and much more.

While in Guinea-Bissau, Randy noticed these items were lacking from the peoples day to day lives. Villages in total darkness when the sun would set, young and old alike having to do the back breaking, tilling of the ground, clean well water unable to be pumped from the ground due to faulty pumps & engines, schools so far behind in the Educational arena that most of there grads will not be able to contribute to the future World.

With these technology items many of these people will be able to perform there task with greater efficiency and accuracy. Students will be able to communicate with the rest of the World and further their educational horizons. communities will be enabled to plant much better gardens and well pumps will be able to pump clean water to many of the inhabitants and so much more . These items are not to make us a crutch, but to give them a "Helping Hand" to self susstainability.

for questions or more information contact Randy


Anonymous said...

I am again so thankful for all you are doing to assist us with this project. I am just grateful to GOD for you and your willingness to do what you can.
Devon, I thank you, thank you, thank you
I will not be going to Florida this week, we may be moving our storage units into a better work area and I will need to be here for that. I just try to be a vessel which HE decides to use.


devon said...

Keep us posted!