Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beauty in Black - Celebrating the beauty of Black Women

The corporation that I work for recently formed a diversity group for African Americans.

This week they are presenting a webinar called "Beauty in Black" I had not heard of this project before but I think it's an excellent idea and long overdue!

Photographer Paul Phillips is the creator of the project which features the diverse beauty within the African American community.
The idea was inspired by a disturbing blog post  which appeared in Psychology today back in 2010. It was written by evolutionary psychologist, Satoshi Kanazawa who argued that black women are less physically attractive than other women. I wrote a blog post, if you haven't read it you can click here for my original post.  This story created a firestorm of angry comments across the web and was quickly removed from the website.
Paul Phillips' background
Paul Phillips has a background is in broadcast production (WPIX-TV, NBA TV, CNN), video development and professional photography.   He worked under the legendary photographer Irving Penn. Paul has his own distinctive style and created two best selling photography calendars.   He has appeared in a myriad newspaper and magazine articles. Paul is a member of Harlem's 100 Black Men and lives in a beautiful brownstone on Harlem's Sugar Hill with his wife. He currently has a new lifestyle website in production and a television show about Harlem:
If you have not heard of "Beauty in Black" or would like to learn more about the project, here's a video with more information.

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