Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Project Keep Maritza Mobile - The phase 2 project video

This is my 2nd movie video. This one is in honor of a 'super - woman' whose name is Maritza.

Scenes like this one are all too common in Guinea Bissau

Currently we have a project running to help get Maritza a new car (new, as in a model made after 1990 - her present car is over 30 yrs old). Can you imagine?

Project Keep Maritza Mobile from Devon on Vimeo.
Friends of Guinea-Bissau (FGB) is a community of people who seek to help and support Bissau-Guineans in health, heart, and mind! FGB is made up of people with different backgrounds, but we share one thing in common...we believe we can give a greater gift of hope, health, and love when we stand together. FGB is honored to have Devon, from Devon4Africa, help lead this project. As a team, we hope to see the day when the Bissau-Guineans flourish within the beauty of their own country!

Maritza is a missionary who gave up her retirement years in the good ol' USofA to go serve a country in great need. Maritza primarily works at an orphanage and school in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau. She also helps facilitate health brigades, other projects in the bush, and serves as a vital link between Americans and Guineans.

Currently Maritza is limited in her abilities to transport orphans to important events outside the walls of the orphanage. Her car of 30 years (yes! it's really that old!) needs replacing... with reliable transportation.

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