Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas from Guinea Bissau West Africa

So nice to have some pics to share on this Christmas Day.

Maritza sent us word about a pre holiday party at our school in Guiledje.

Guiledje had about 200 students attending - k to 4th grade. The party celebrated the end of trimester before the holidays. School starts up again on Jan 4.
The kids sang, played games and ate and ate some more!
The party was great fun and for many it was their first party.

Party funding courtesy of Connie from Life Link who sent Christmas money for a party in Djati and in Quebo. Raquel was able to stretch it and so Guiledje was blessed as well.

Thank you Connie!!!

My hero, Fredy with the kids

The school still needs to build two bathrooms and finish up one of the small rooms next to the clinic.

The Magic of Christmas never ends
and its greatest of gifts
are family and friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 
It Takes a Village!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Return to Guiledge, Guinea Bissau West Africa

 Maritza, in her own words....

Our team returned to Guiledge this weekend, doing double brigade, taking visiting dentists and general medicine to help those with malaria and other needs.

One more time the health outreach is a success with many many people coming for help.

I took some pics with my phone so I could send them to you asap since there will be no electricity when I return to Bissau.

There has been over 200 children. All received fluoride treatments and  some dental check ups. The visiting doctors are from a Portuguese organization called Mundo a Sorreir. Raquel knows the woman in charge and they also included Quebo as one of the places they will visited along with Guiledge. The kids all waited for us and when they saw the var pulling in they all clapped.

The new van filled to the brim with volunteers

**(adjust your volume down before you hit play as this can be rather loud)

The kids cheered and waved despite the fact that many of them were sick.

Raquel and the visiting doctors spoke to the kids about dental hygiene.
After the health hygiene chat the dentist started with the fluoride treatments and Raquel went on to see the kids and adults that were sick with malaria, high blood pressure etc.

We just paused for an hour lunch and the team has started again.


Right now over 200 children and more than 50 adults received medical and dental care at It Takes a Village clinic.

Monday, November 16, 2015

You're Welcome - pt 3 Guiledje Health Brigade

Raquel ran out of quinine, and IVs, and when she couldn't go on, she asked the people to come to Quebo.

We headed back arriving in Quebo around seven. Raquel took some meds and went to bed. We all kept thinking, how grateful we were that so many were helped, but sad that we couldn't help more.  Grateful that It takes a village had this clinic and school available that reached so many. 

After we left, they received more medication, but it was too late for some. 3 people died, one adult and two children.

In the future 2 more of Freddy's and Raquel's African kids will graduate from nursing school. With Gods help the medical outreach will stretch its wings and be able to help many more.

Thank you Devon for building the clinic.
The school will most likely open its doors, desks are needed, black boards,  bathrooms etc but it will all come together. 
It was one of those happy sad times and yet we are very grateful.
Thank you on behalf of the Schafer's and friends.

we thank you for all the things you do!!

RE: finances, now (from Sept to Dec) there is an URGENT need for medicine. The end of the rainy season is loaded with malaria, beginning of cooler season loaded with breathing problems.

If you would like to help, please contact me, or click the link on the sidebar for Life lLink our 501c3 partner. Mark your tax free donation "It Takes a Village" 
Thank you