Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Dresses for Africa Event 1/23/11 Recap

I am very happy to report that we had 2 very successful events this past Sunday.

Kudos to our sisters in Wisconsin. They really knocked this one out of the park! They churned out a whopping total of Twenty (20) dresses.  Most of them from the original pillowcase pattern. Unbelievable!! They did this with only five (5) in attendance, due to the frigid winter weather (it was 0 degrees outside) and remember that WI is CHEESEHEAD country and a Packer playoff game was going on.

None the less, the dresses they made were darling. The photos were a little hard to see so I cannot post them at this time. Once I receive them here I will take some additional photos and post for everyone to see. 

 Oakland California Event

The balmy Northern California weather, brought out a decent sized group (20+) but we turned out a few less dresses. We munched on croissant sandwiches, chips, dip, a yummy key lime tart and carrot cake from Whole Foods.  We also had both football games on the flat screen for those following the playoffs.

One of the mother's brought her daughter and friend to show them about giving back and community involvement. 

Our group had only 2 seamstress and 3 sewing machines (my new sewing machine - which was missing in action for the better part of the day, but discovered sitting dusty in Mr C's garage - it was wiped down and cleaned off but did not function properly, so ended up idle.  

Our group had primarily fabric to work with, which added the extra steps of sewing more seams and hems.   We cut, ironed and elasticized most of the 30-40 dresses, but ran out of time before we could complete them all.

To complete our project, many of our group have volunteered to take dresses home to complete them. I will be sure to post the pictures here.  

What a good time we had giving back. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated.

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