Monday, January 31, 2011

Little Dresses for Africa - First Oakland Dresses Finished

Oh Happy Day!!
I got to bring home the first completed dresses from our kick off. They are all so cute!! Carol and Jane were the seamstresses on these. GOOD JOB, ladies! I really see that fashion show on the horizon. Little girls from the US showcasing the dresses that will eventually go to an orphaned girl in Africa who is probably around the same age. I hear the US girls like these dresses too.

Of course we still have many more to go before we are finished but "what a start!"

Here are some of the dresses. I wish I could post them all!!!

 This one is made out of authentic
African fabric. It is actually longer
than I think we intended. Maybe an older 
girl or teacher could wear it. It is beautiful!

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Toni said...

These are gorgeous! I see I have to step up the action here. The dresses we made are on the way, but delayed I'll bet because of the blizzard, which passed south of us. It is eerie that we did not get a single snowflake in the blizzard of the century or whatever they are calling it, however we have plenty of snow on the ground already.