Saturday, February 26, 2011

For days I've been meaning to post something regarding the uprising in Libya (since it is in Africa, after all), however it is both complicated and yet so simple to explain.

I do believe that this revolt is part of the ongoing and growing unrest felt among people who are fed up with the tyranny of dictators and have decided that they want to truly, be "free".  At this time in history, it is freedom at any cost.

This feeling is not only limited to people in the Middle East but as we are seeing, it is all over the globe.  It is a feeling shared by people in Europe and yes, even in America.

Now without going all "airy fairy" on you, I feel that this is all a part of the inevidetable change which started around 1995 and will come to culmination around 2012 or 2013.  The Mayans and other indigenous cultures have already told us that the earth will be shifting into a new energy plane and on some level we are all aware (even if this is not apparent to you right now).

I have heard all of the scary stories about the end of the world and armageddon but I think that it is more about a change in consciousness that is taking place on the planet.  New ways of thinking, a shift in perspective and a new sense of brotherhood and unity.

If you look around, you will see that these changes are apparent in climate and geography, as well as humanity. There is a universal energetic shift going on. People who are clinging to old energy ways are finding their lives are crumbling and falling apart.

Chaos, sickness and disease are all signs of energy out of balance.  Holding on to old energy ways will be impossible. If you have friends, relationships or even a job which seems to be in turmoil and conflict, you might want to look deeper to see whether those relationships serve you anymore.

In each moment we are making many decisions both large and small. Each decision is based on Love or fear. Follow your intuition and not your intellect and follow your passion!

This is a time to search within yourself. It is a time of great opportunity.

BTW - if you want to read about Libya check out this story, Libya: My Country's Ablaze

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