Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gordon Heath in Paris - Ex Pat

This is an actual live recording from 1954

Seifield Gordon Heath, African American expatriate, stage and film actor, musician, director, producer, founder of the Studio Theater of Paris and co-owner of the nightclub L'Abbaye, was born on September 20, 1918 in Manhattan's San Juan Hill district in New York. He was the only child of Harriette (Hattie) and Cyril Gordon Heath, but had a half-sister, Bernice Heath. Hattie Heath was a second generation American of African and Indian lineage. Cyril was born in Barbados and worked as a steward for the Hudson River Night Line. In his later years Cyril was a devoted public servant, active in the local YMCA, neighborhood associations, and church sponsored groups. Gordon attended elementary and high school at the Ethical Culture Society School in Manhattan. In the early 1940s he graduated from Hampton Institute in Virginia.
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