Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Dresses for Africa - Shipping Update

I was in touch with Rachel today regarding shipment of the dresses to Africa. She was having some difficulty with the addresses as they were not accessible for shipment online (shipping is cheaper if it can be done online plus they come to the residence to pick up the packages). I'm not sure if I mentioned that Rachel has not sent dresses to either of the 2 countries where these dresses are destined. She is doing a wonderful thing by shipping these dresses for us.

Below is a portion of our exchange: (Rachel is in green print)
"One box can go out tomorrow.  I got it to go through to Casa Emmanuel.  It can take as much as 6 weeks even with international USPS."
Rachel mentioned that shipping was only the first step as there is a possibility that the dresses will be held up.
"whenever you send anything, it has to go through customs. they sometimes hold it up if they think the items will be sold for profit instead of given as gifts. they sometimes try to charge an import tax, too. this is the hard part but we will pray that they go through smoothly."
Will we know if they get held up? is it the Guinea Bissau and Benin customs that will place the hold? Does the orphanage have to pay the tax on it to get it?
"yes on both. That's why we are so careful and why we send them to NGO's (Non government organizations) Worrying won't help. Just pray for their safe passage and we'll see. Almost all of our boxes get through and even if we have trouble, I will call them and they usually back down when they know we're watching them. It's corruption. It's how it is. But never fear, these go in the name of Jesus and He wins! I'm sorry I mentioned it. Just stay tuned. All is well! :) I wouldn't keep wasting my money if I didn't believe in this. we're fine."
So, everyone please say a prayer for the safe arrival our dresses and Stay Tuned!

Amen Rachel!  Thank you. You are truly something special!

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