Thursday, June 23, 2011

Obama through African American eyes

African Americans: "Next time we want a Black President"

WASHINGTON DC - USA - According to The Daily Squib, a  poll amongst African Americans has revealed the startling revelation that blacks are not happy with Barack Obama in any way and are wishing they had never voted for him in the first place.

According to 34% of African Americans are disappointed in the Obama presidency.

1)       Given that African Americans are disproportionately incarcerated, although we don’t commit more crimes than whites, what’s the Obama Administration doing to deal with the mass incarceration epidemic that is destroying black families?

2)       A recent Your Black World survey showed that nearly 90% of African Americans have dealt with racial discrimination in the workplace.  What’s the administration doing to help put laws in place that will protect people of color from enduring such hardships?

3)       Black unemployment is going up, while white unemployment has been going down.  Is the administration committed to dealing with this disparity in a way that acknowledges that the white and black job markets are not quite the same?  The “rising tide lifts all boats” answer from last year may not be the best response.

To help solve the problem, President Obama has launched a new web portal for African Americans.
Do you think that will be good enough?
Maybe President Obama should take a lesson from Richard Pryor!

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