Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can a French African man become President of France?

“Years ago, France had a dream,” said Patrick Lozès in an interview with the daily newspaper Le Monde, “A country where all the citizens would be free and equal, without reference of belief, color of skin, sex or roots. We ask that this dream, which is also that of the Blacks of France, become finally a reality.

Patrick Lozès, a pharmacist by trade, was born in Benin in 1965.  Lozès is a 2012 presidential candidate in France. He is president and founding member of Cran (Council Representing the Associations of the Black People of France).

Lozès, who is the author of Nous Les Noirs de France [The Blacks from France], wants to bring this dream to fruition yet faces an uphill battle as many within the French government and intellectual scene are unaware of the views of the black people in their country.

Patrick Lozes is optimistic: “ It will be difficult but not insurmountable ,” he said.
Today, there is the prospect of an alliance between the traditional right and the extreme right, and face it, the left is sluggish."

The election will be held in April 2012.

information source It's About Time

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