Monday, July 4, 2011

What the Traveler Saw - Update Guinea Bisssau

July 4, 2011
Ola Devon,
I guess I struck out with the internet thing here, I can transfer the pics to my comp but the service is too slow to up them onto a letter. Devon, I am just back from the Catio area and I am all but lost in a sea of needs going on there in the"bush". I have met with Fula Chiefs and have listened to their hopes and desires for their people.
I have witnessed so little going so far and a people who have to just continue on regardless or else be dropped into the sea of the forgotten. Many just living to eat their next bowl of rice & fish and not realizing there are no nutrients being provided.
I do hope you and your group will consider possibly splitting your trip between Bissau and the Catio area. The city or Village is renovating some former "Executive housing" for the sole purpose of providing housing for our extended family coming to Catio from America. Devon I do think you and your group will find this area and other parts of Bissau full of opportunities both large and small where you can and will make a difference.
I will pic you as soon as possible, flying out in the morning looking forward to meeting with you in the near future.
From Bissau to Cali,,Chow


CatiĆ³, town located on the southern coast of Guinea-Bissau. The surrounding area is covered with mangrove forests and swamps and has a monsoonal climate with an annual precipitation of about 100 inches (2,500 mm). CatiĆ³ is a market centre for cash crops, including rice, coconuts, and oil palm cultivated in the nearby coastal lowlands. It has an airport and provides air transport to Bissau, the national capital. Pop. (2004 est.) 23,872.

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