Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mousgoum Tribe, Cameroon

Mousgoum Huts - Decorative mud huts that can be climbed
Birth: A long time ago
Location: Pouss, Cameroon
Architect: Mousgoum Tribe

The Mousgoum is an ethnic group in far north province in Cameroon that creates their homes from compressed sun-dried mud. The tall conical dwellings, in the shape of a shell features geometric raised patterns.
The decorative surface allows for further refinement and individualization.
The veins are also contributing to the drainage of rain. The musgum houses require regular maintenance of the coating and the veins allow people to climb atop the building


Toni said...

Amazing! it shows that creativity thrives everywhere and even when all you have is mud, if you have the inclination for ornamentation, it will be enough! I could live in a house that looked like this and be proud and happy--as long as I could also have air conditioning!!

devon said...

you probably wouldn't need any. I think they are built to keep the sun out. So smart weren't they?