Friday, September 23, 2011

Does French film make slavery a laughing matter?

 'Case Départ' Star Thomas Ngijol talks race, culture and hip hop

According to Shadow and Act  Case Depart has grossed more than $15 million already, it’s the number one comedy flick in France.  Ngijol, who’s been a stand-up comedian and actor for the last ten years, makes it clear what the film is about saying it isn’t about slavery…”It’s about not very intelligent people with an identity problem. Black men who blame the system.”

Photo: Hinterland Gazette
photo: Thomas Ngijol Loop 21
In New York’s Union Square stands a tall, lean man. The summer madness of the city streets doesn’t stop for him. He fits in perfectly: green graphic t-shirt, white shorts, dark sunglasses and iPod. As he walks under the massive movie theater awning on Broadway and 13th the irony sets in. Thomas Ngijol has the number one comedy in his homeland of France, but here his film is basically unheard of save for some online reviews.

For those that don’t speak French, one look at the trailer for "Case Départ" forces you to piece together what’s happening. Two black men in modern day Paris get transported back to slavery and from the looks on their faces and musical score, you come to the conclusion that this a comedy.

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Movie to be released in the US
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