Thursday, October 6, 2011

Little Dresses for Africa - First Photos

After 10 long months of planning, I finally received the 1st photos of the little dresses we sent to Casa Emanuel Orphanage in Guinea Bissau some 4 months ago.

My plan was to put together a little slideshow and post it here tonight -- but a friend had a birthday and we were invited out to dinner to celebrate. And, well you get the picture.

So now it's late and I'm too tired to put it together.

So please accept these photos for now (I have a few more) and I will post them tomorrow. The girls are so beautiful and the dresses look great! Oh, and I will get the names of the girls modeling the dresses.

If you remember, I placed some photos in the box with the dresses. The photos were of the volunteers and the CA girls who modeled the dresses.
The girls are holding the photos I sent along with the dresses

Little Star from Guinea Bissau

 CA Stars modeling

Casa E W Africa

Dress hanging on my wall

Little darlings in W Africa

Dress prior to shipping


Roberta said...

Ahh...they all look so cute and I just how great the bright colors look on their beautiful black skin! The best part though is their big smiles! Thanks so much for all that you did to make this happen and for inviting me along for the fantastic ride ;} Fondly, Roberta

devon said...

Well there you are! I was going to write to you and tell you that your dress made their photo shoot LOL When I go in Feb we are going to do the whole group so I will post again. Thank you so much for helping me help them. BTW I forgot to put the T-shirts in the box so I'm going to take them with me. The little ones in Djati are far worse off than the Casa E girls!