Monday, November 14, 2011

It Takes A Village Update 11/11/11

 It Takes a Village - Weekly Project Update
  • Project Donations:
As of today we have a total of $2,445 toward our 1st goal of $3,500. We are VERY close.

I would like to get the funds to Guinea Bissau by 12/1 so that construction can begin on the school (with hopes for completion by our Feb arrival). In order to meet that deadline it is necessary to meet our monetary objective by this coming Friday 11/18. If you have been waiting to donate, please do not wait any longer. Click over to the donation page and add your contribution to this worthy cause. (you will find the donation link is on the sidebar)
  • Djati 
Since the women and girls of Djati wear traditional dress, the plan is to purchase material for new clothing for them. We will also need to obtain the assistance of a tailor as well. Waiting for results on the number of women/girls in the village.

The boys will need shorts. We may have them made, however I would like to buy the shorts here through public donations of clothing (new & used). Waiting for results on the number of boys in the village.

We are also thinking of having special Tshirts made to be used for school as many of the school children in Guinea Bissau wear some sort of uniform.  

Researching whether the babies in the village require any special needs that we should focus on.
  • Notebooks
A sufficient number of notebooks have been purchased for the school but later in the year it will be difficult to get more notebooks when needed. We are thinking og purchasing additional notebooks now, while they are available.

  • Music is my Weapon releases - Hasan Salaam

The album is on track for release on 12/1

The 1st single can be downloaded here:

The video is here:

Thank you for your help!

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