Monday, November 28, 2011

It Takes a Village UPDATE

Hasan Salaam did a recent interview with TZHIPHOP
About TZHIPHOP: The movement in Tanzanian Hip Hop started in the early 90’s with few MCs  rapping in English. This was the era when the music was slowly finding its own identity that would later resonate with the society.  The use of Swahili and the conscious lyrics in their raps transformed the music, from being considered a genre of hooligans to a respected form of art. The music then gained national recognition, with millions of youth cheering behind it. However, along the way came success and success brought its own set of challenges.
Hasan has got an EP called “Music Is My Weapon” in stores right now. The concept behind the project is that music can be used as a powerful tool in the pursuit of  freedom, justice and equality, and he believes it can literary change people’s lives. All the profits from the album sales are used to fund a school, a clean water well and a medical clinic in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa.
Here is the complete Interview & youtube:  
Thanks to Hasan for continuing to get the word out!

UPDATE: Our contribution total is now $3,620. Our goal is $14,500. We're not there yet so please continue to give.
Money has been forwarded to Life Link for the school. We are awaiting distribution to Guinea Bissau (hopefully by 12/1).  
The word is getting out about our project and there have been several people who have contacted me to volunteer their help on the ground in Guinea Bissau. 
Most recently I was contacted by a Vet who wants to help with construction. If you would like to help or you know ANYONE else who might be able to help us with our projects, PLEASE contact me or give them my email address to contact me directly 

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