Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thank You Message from Djati

I sent an email to Fredy the other day to let him know that we are very close to meeting our 1st goal and would be sending funds for the school soon. Fredy sent back the following message today.

Dear Devon

Thank you for your great love and commitment to helping improve the living conditions of our people here, where we have already been here for nearly 10 years. I tell you, as leader of this project I am very happy and thankful to God and you for all your hard work and sacrifice.

Thank you for everything now, Missionary Fredy Schafer

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Toni said...

The commitment and love that this man, Fredy Schafer and his family, show in their life there for 10 years, trying in any way to improve the lives of others--well that kind of dedication is rarely shown. Without him there, we would have had such a harder time to get things done! It is just awe-inspiring to see what can be done with love and cooperation. Can you imagine what this country, United States of America, could be if we stopped fighting each other and really worked to help each other?! This world is a wonderful place with that concept being our guiding force.