Thursday, December 8, 2011

Musical Chairs - My Video favorite

Here is the brand new music video from Music is My Weapon 
The video starts out showing the children from 
SOS Children's Village in Guinea Bissau
This is my favorite song from the Cd
Hasan Salaam - Musical Chairs feat. Baron from Red Clay 

 Updated Message from Raj/Flow: There is power in numbers. Thanks to all of you we have raised over $3,700 towards our goal of $14,500. This has enabled us to send enough funds to Guinea-Bissau to begin construction of the school! We hope to have the school completed in the Feb-March time frame. We will keep you updated as the project continues to unfold. The Music Is My Weapon album by Hasan Salaam was released worldwide via iTunes and Amazon this Tuesday. All the sales from the album will also go towards our goal, so please encourage any friends and family members that love some good hip hop music to support in that way. Those of you who already donated can expect to get an email this weekend with a link to download the album. Here are the links to purchase:

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