Monday, March 19, 2012

The African Spring

Senegal goes to cast its ballots for president next Sunday, March 25th.

One of my favorite political figures in Senegal is Youssou N'Dour and I am in love with his music as well!  I used his music as background for several of the slideshow I put together in the Journey Home posts. Music - politics - and social change activism -- ahh love em all!

Youssou was on the cover of TIME Magazine's March 5th edition, in a piece entitled "Protest Song".

Here's earlier article from late February

The African Spring: Senegal by Dominic Nahr

They’re using a new type of tear gas in Senegal. It chokes you, blinds you, but it also burns and stings, like it’s been mixed with pepper spray. It’s a sensation with which more and more Senegalese are becoming familiar as presidential elections were held this past weekend.

Among them is Africa’s most famous living musician, Youssou N’Dour, who tried to run for the presidency, was barred from doing so by the regime of President Abdoulaye Wade and is now helping lead a protest movement aimed at unseating Wade and restoring democracy in Senegal. The stakes are high, for two reasons. Senegal has a long and proud democratic tradition and is something of a weathervane for West Africa. And the opposition movement is hoping to unite the spark of reform and political consciousness not just in Senegal, but across Africa, to finally bring to close the unhappy era of the continent’s Big Men.

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