Saturday, March 31, 2012

Djati, Guinea Bissau - Day of Outreach Photos

As Maritza mentioned, there was no shortage of willing villagers who were seeking medical attention.

The new school came in handy and was converted to a clinic for the all day outreach session. The school has not been fully completed yet but is serving double duty. It has 2 rooms and both were in use.

Phase III of It Takes a Village will build a permanent medical structure to serve the people of Djati and surrounding villages. Planned for October.

Below are pictures of some of the 50 or so patients that were seen at the clinic that day. Click to enlarge



Thank you Maritza for the photos and thank you Juan, Flavia, Raquel, Dr Mafalda, Jeremias N'batna and Freddy for making the long bumpy ride (I know from experience) to Djati to provide this much needed service!

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Toni said...

Thanks for posting the photos. No doubt that your efforts have helped these people and more to come. So little cost to us to help our family so lets do more!