Thursday, March 22, 2012

It Takes a Village - Project update - TOTALS

Hello everyone

Here is latest update from Raj for the It Takes a Village donation site

Can I get a DRUM ROLL please!
Together we have moved mountains! I am proud to announce that thanks to everyone involved with this project we have been able to complete the school in Djati, Guinea-Bissau. We did it! Last month Ms. Devon Austin and fellow group members traveled to Guinea-Bissau to witness the opening of the school.

This is not the end though. Rather it is just the beginning. Regular everyday people can change the lives of those in need. Together we have proven that. With the sales of the Music Is My Weapon album and fundraiser, in addition to donations, we have ALREADY raised the ADDITIONAL $3,500 necessary to begin the construction of the Well for Djati. This is much needed as they currently have no local clean water source available. To date we have raised almost $10,000 in total!

We still need to raise approximately $3-4000 for the medical facility we hope to build for Djati in Fall. So, keep on the lookout for another fundraiser for that in the near future. Thank you once again!

Peace and Love,

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PS- Money for the well will be sent this week.
In a recent message from Maritza:
The Well will be the the next project. Freddy has spoken to the diggers and they will be coming to his house this week to make preparations for the digging of the well, This is absolutely great. Right now the villagers are running out of water due to the dryness and are waiting in line just to get a bucket of water, that is after walking a few miles to get the water. The well will be a blessing to the villagers and also water will be available in order to build the clinic in the months ahead.
Please continue to follow our progress as we tackle phase II of our project. I will let you know when we have the next donation site up and ready as we will need to raise a little more money in order to complete the final phase.

Again my thanks to all who contributed in any way you were able, even if just by reading this blog and holding the light for the success of the project!

  •  2 out of every 5 people do not have access to basic sanitation
  • Over 5 million people die each year because of unsafe drinking water
  • The majority of these deaths are children under 5
  • Most African women walk over 6 kilometers about 3 times a day just to get water. Women suffer chronic fatigue, and spinal and pelvic deformity because of this walk.
  • The amount of water that the average person in Africa or Asia uses is equivalent to 2 flushes of the toilet!
  • 1.5 BILLION people are infected with diseases that are preventable by clean water
  • Even if the Millennium Goals set by the United Nations in 2000 are achieved, between 34 and 76 million people will die from water-related diseases by 2020

THANK YOU on behalf of our team and the people of Djati, Guinea Bissau

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Toni said...

This news has just uplifted my spirits! The world is filled with such tragedies-- there is not enough stories like this of hope and giving. Thank you for making this opportunity available to us to be a part of a miracle for this village. What each of us do can make a difference.