Saturday, March 10, 2012

What's new in Djati Guinea Bissau - update

here's a note from Maritza
On March 23rd, or at least that's the schedule date, Juan, Malflda (the dentist), Raquel (nurse), Flavia and I will participate in a medical outreach to Djati and surrounding Fula villages. We will be in Djati for 2 days. Juan's medical outreach is fantastic, the name of his project is Hope and Health for Guine Bissau.
oh, remember the first village we stopped at, the one where the Muslim priest was? he is not well, so our first stop will be that Fula village, the last village before we left the main road and entered Djati's highway. Take care, best regards to all your friends who will be visiting watching all your pictures, it will be a wonderful experience for all of them. Maritza

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