Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dakar Rally 2012 - The Most Dangerous Race on Earth


After the murder of four French citizens and three Mauritanian soldiers in the previous days before the start and answering the strong recommendation of the French Ministry for Foreign affairs not to go to Mauritania, the 2008 edition of the rally was cancelled.
Terrorist acts identified by the French authorities threatened the rally directly. On the eve of the start, Etienne Lavigne was forced to announce the cancellation of the 2008 edition. The competitors gathered in Lisbon for scrutineering had to deal with the shock and saluted the responsible decision of the organisers. Three weeks later (Friday the 1st of February) a terror attack in the heart of Nouakchott confirmed the judiciousness of applying the precaution principle.
Source: Dakar Rally History 

I haven't included videos of the serious accidents that make this race so dangerous but if you want to see them. You can find them on Youtube. 

Here's a motorcycle on the route

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