Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Swedish World Art Day celebrated with "racist cake"

Racist art was on display at World Day of Art in Sweden

This is a story that has been getting a lot of attention so I thought I would post it here for you to see if you haven't already.

The article is about a cake (on the surface). This cake is known by several different names, a "clitoridectomy cake", the "painful cake" or the "nigger cake".

The cake was created by a black Swedish artist named Makode Linde (which in itself seems strange to me). The cake is made in the likeness of a tribal African woman, complete with dreadlocks, neck rings and face paint. The artist, was dressed similarly and wore blackface, his head sticking up through the table next to the cake. He also made hideous screaming sounds each time someone cut into the cake.

IMO this is a very strange way to promote the rights of people in Africa.

here's the story
A Swedish organization promoting the rights of people of African origin on Tuesday called for the minister to resign for participating in a "tasteless, racist spectacle" that's made international headlines.
"According to Moderna Museet, the cake eating party was intended to highlight the problem of female circumcision, but how this is supposed to be done with a cake depicting a racist caricature of a black woman ... is unclear," said Kitimbwa Sabuni, head of the African Swedish National Association.

The artist is speaking out and says this is all a misunderstanding.

"A lot of people saw the images online and took them out of context and they accused me and the culture minister to be racist," the artist Makode Linde said in a video interview with Al Jazeera. He says he's criticizing aspects of just this subject and think "the people who have been upset about the art piece or about the images they;ve seen I think is all misunderstood the intention or agenda of me as an artist."

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the museum emphasized that it was against "any form or racism" and that the event featuring the controversial installation was organized by the Swedish Artists' National Organisation (KRO) to highlight "the fight against censorship and for freedom of expression".

"Moderna Museet understands and respects that people find the pictures and video clips from World Art Day upsetting, especially when they are shown out of context. The intention of KRO and Makode Linde was to draw attention to and discuss today's racism, not to reinforce it," the museum said.

The museum was evacuated Tuesday after they received a bomb threat from an english speaker that accused the museum of being racist.
Source: Youtube

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Toni said...

Sometimes artists are as bad at getting their thoughts together as the rest of the world, but someone should have spoken up before this bad idea was presented to the public. The artist may have had an idea but obviously it was not executed in the best manner -- but the organizers of the event should have stepped in and reasoned with the guy to rethink his presentation. That is why art shows are juried...