Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trayvon Martin Case - Black People Playing the RACE card

They finally arrested George Zimmerman today. Wish I could be more upbeat about it. But somehow, I just can't. In fact I feel incredibly sad. One reason is because the murder occurred 45 days ago. It has taken FORTY FIVE days, a series of rallies and marches, the involvement of the NAACP and a national media blitz to get this guy arrested. And mind you, he already confessed to the shooting, we saw pictures of him at the police station after the shooting and there were no obvious signs of a broken nose, no blood or grass stains on his clothes AND there were people who tried to come forward to give their account of what they saw. They were ignored. Instead Zimmerman's father and brother went on a media campaign twisting the facts (even referred to President Obama and said he spoke with so much hate) and tried to turn a 17 year old unarmed teenager into a shiftless, weed smoking troublemaker that deserved what he got.  Can you believe it?

In addition, if I didn't already know it, I am now totally convinced the Republican party has dangerously racist views. And I wonder, "why is it?" that I have NEVER heard of a single incident involving a black person who has been injured or killed by a white person where folks on the Republican side have just come out and offered their condolences? A simple "I'm sorry for your loss" would have gone a long way. Instead no matter how guilty the white person seems, or how much evidence there is to the contrary, they will ALWAYS take the side of the white person and trash the black person. George Zimmerman's "so called" lawyers even quit the case. Zimmerman disappeared and still this did not deter the right wing media. Yesterday Sean Hannity (the king of race baiters) supposedly spoke with Zimmerman, but would not reveal what they talked about but said, he had been trying to reach Zimmerman to give him the opportunity to "tell his side of the story". If the situation were reversed I cannot believe that he would have protected Trayvon Martin and contacted him so that -  he could tell his side. Of course Trayvon can never tell his side. He is dead.

But it's not just Republicans. This is not a color blind society and America has a HUGE race problem. No one wants to face it.  Polls show the country split along racial lines on the Trayvon case. With all the evidence, why is that?  All that was asked for was to have Zimmerman arrested and brought before the judicial system to determine his guilt or innocence. That's it!

I've heard way too many times where white people have been quick to label any attempt by a black person to point out the injustices of an unequal system as "playing the race card". What's behind that statement? Race is not a "card" black people play. It is a card dealt to us at birth.  And, It's certainly a card that shouldn't matter in fairness and equal rights.
All black people should be outraged. Do we have to do this every time an injustice is committed? It's time to stand up and say enough is enough! Marching won't do it. If we don’t do something legislatively in response to Trayvon's murder things will never change.

I hope that this case will begin to bring to light how devalued the life of a black person in America is. But, I have to be honest. I don't care if the charge is Second Degree Murder. I don't think anything will change (even if by some remote chance they decide to make Zimmerman the sacrificial lamb). Trayvon will end up being yet another black youth who has been killed and whose white killer will spend little or no time behind bars. George Zimmerman's father is an ex judge. Trayvon Martin was just another black teen. And this is America.

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