Monday, May 7, 2012

It Takes a Village - First Look - a well for Djati, Guinea Bissau

To: The Women and girls of Djati
this one's for you!
No more walking for hours twice a day to get water 
Phase II of our project has begun!

I was just wondering about the progress of the well in Djati. They were just beginning "the dig" when the unrest erupted a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have heard nothing, so you can imagine my excitement when I received these photos this morning.

As it turns out, the digging had just begun when the rumors of war broke out. Of course the men headed for the city to rescue their families (and who can blame them?). The work came to a complete stop for a few days but...with no further outbreak of violence or military escalation (we pray for peace in Guinea Bissau) our PM Freddy, convinced the workers to return to the job. And we're so glad they did!

The hope is that the well will be finished by May 15th, when the rains will begin.
Life will be forever changed in Djati!


Toni said...

I pray that everyone in the area is safe from the crazy fighting, and that the well will be successful. This is the one thing I really felt would make a difference in their lives, giving them a freedom from drudgery, and illness. Thank you for making this dream come true!

devon said...

Yes this is MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR! A life changing event. Now we are up against a strict time table for completion. The rains begin around May 15th. After that the road to Djati is impassable except by canoe. After the canoe ride there is still a 1 hour walk to reach the village. So, pray for delayed rain LOL or at least only light rain.