Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Dresses for Africa gets Classy Award

 Classy Award for Volunteer of the Year
The Problem: Although the women and young girls do the majority of the work: working fields, planting, harvesting, gathering kindling to cook, all usually with a baby on their back, they are always the last to be served food, and if the food runs out, they don’t eat.
Little Dresses for Africa saw in the eyes of these young girls that they knew they had a rough road ahead. The founder, Rachel O’Neill, decided to do something to honor them, and to make them feel worthy. She decided to distribute little dresses made of pillowcases to the girls to offer them hope. During distribution simple lessons are taught on nutrition, clean water and sanitation and lives are saved as a result. Little Dressed for Africa seeks to change lives by crossing age, gender, and denominational lines to help others.
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Congrats to Rachel and all the people who have helped to make the project successsful!!

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