Friday, May 18, 2012

Building a school in Guiledje, Guina Bissau Africa (pt 2)

Guiledje has a school. The school is run by the government. Unfortunately it has been closed all year and the people can't use it. In other words it is a government building, and as such, is untouchable.

The school year in Bissau has been annulled for this year. With the military in control paychecks are not going out to anyone, including schools. teachers, hospitals etc.  This happens often during the year, leaving the children without education.

But...before you can do something nice for a village, like build them a new school, you must get permission from the powers that be.
So, we send in Freddy, our project manager.
Freddy has been out there acting as the spokesperson for It Takes a Village and our new school/well project. There has been much discussion, and It seems that all are now interested in having a school that will function. They have also heard about Djati, so they know that we will do what we say we will do. As a matter of fact Freddy was stopped on the road yesterday and was asked '' when will the school be built, we are ready, we need to educate our kids".

Freddy is meeting again with all of the ethnic groups, to emphasize that this is a project that will help ALL the children, not any one ethnic group. He also wants them to understand that they need to be involved in the building of the school as well. Many have land, and can donate beams and sand and stone. With the cooperation and involvement from the village, the project will be less expensive and the work will be done faster.

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